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Table Link by wolfspiritsd
Table Link
'Twas Christmas, and there were table cloths we were told we could draw on. So we did.
I found that the permanent markers we were using, could be layered quite nicely to form a sort of water colour effect.
Punch by wolfspiritsd
Trying to draw more, hopefully daily, but I doubt that's going to work. Haha. I CAN TRY!!! Not sure how much I'll put on DA cause so far they're mainly crappy sketches.

But yeh. I was pissed off at a friend for making fun jobs that involved aesthetic design, because they're not 'functional' and are 'a waste of time'. Pfffft. And other reasons. So I drew this instead of actually punching them. Still quite satisfying. :D

Still struggling with anatomy, but this daily drawing stuff will help! ... Hopefully.
Pittoo by wolfspiritsd
Gotta Love Pittoo (Dark Pit) >;D

I also have a version with sparkles, but I thought that was a tad much...
Ruby Sapphire Emerald by wolfspiritsd
Ruby Sapphire Emerald
I wanted to draw these guys again before Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire come out (tonight, WOOH MIDNIGHT LAUNCH).
Honestly, I much prefer these designs. Especially Sapphire/May/Haruka's, because here she's not so stereotypically female with bows and frills and crap. Damn it Nintendo. Please stop.

I was looking at Pokemon fanart of the human characters and a lot of the time it was the girl character hanging off the arm of the guy, or there looking pretty, or useless, or all of the above and it pissed me off (not always of course, but certainly a lot of the ones I happened to come across). So here's one picture going against all those.

Let's try to stop reinforcing gender roles shall we? That'd be nice. Thanks.
Dream Eating Monochrome Baku by wolfspiritsd
Dream Eating Monochrome Baku
Eugh... I started drawing this two months ago. No wonder I'm so sick of it. Oh well, it's finally finished now. I've been so busy... :/ BUT NOW I'M FREE!!!

Dream Eating Monochrome Baku
Kagamine Len

Love the song and Len's beautiful in it. One of my favourite versions of him.
I wanna cosplay this sometime in my life. Haha.
  • Reading: I'm trying not to read fanfics this year...
I'm so sorry I've disappeared off the face of the Internet for ages and only warned you about three weeks of the absence (because of Japan). But all I can say is... exammmmmmmmsssss, and I haven't even started them yet. DX I've just been slaughtered by trials, and tests and what not. I will put up some pictures soon but I'm so busy... Arrghhhh... But yeh. I'm alive.

I should out up some sketches or something now... :/


I like trees!!
I love Final fantasy Crystal Chronicles!!!!
And Pokemon!!!!
And Pandora Hearts!!!
And Vocaloids!!!!
And Artemis Fowl!!!
And Birdy the Mighty!!!
And Avatar: Last Airbender!!
And Warriors (the book)!!!
And Wolves!!!!
And Soul Eater!!!
And Harry Potter!! (... I almost forgot... *dies*)
And errr.. I'll think of something else later..
Oh yeah!! I like trees!!

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