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No by wolfspiritsd
A concept sketch for my Twine game called 'Tide'.

In short you're trying to save this cat from the rising tide, and this is the bad ending, where you probably both die.

I really like the colours in this, but it's super depressing, sorry. But my Twine game ended up pretty sad, unless you got one of the good endings... So I guess it fits well with the story.
Sea Cat by wolfspiritsd
Sea Cat
Another concept sketch for my Twine game. This time it includes the character Matilda that the story is based around and it's also another sketch of the environment and what it looks like when the tide has risen over the city, submerging it completely.
Tide by wolfspiritsd
I made a Twine game, and this was one of the concepts for the world that it would take place in.

Everday at 1:00pm the tide rises and completely submerges the city, so I tried to draw a building that would show the amphibious state of the city with glass walkways, wooden walkways at the top, and boats for transport.

Drawing buildings and the like is not a strength of mine, but practise is good! 
Gotcha! by wolfspiritsd
Dropped character concept for a game.
We're not using her, but she's cute so I'll probably use her for something else.

Edit: we seem to be using her now.
Seaing stars by wolfspiritsd
Seaing stars
A random drawing that I actually decided to finish. I dunno what it is but... hopefully I can finish a few more on the holidays I have.

And thanks Jack for the title. I couldn't decided whether the picture was set under water or in space, so it's both. Wooop.
  • Reading: I'm trying not to read fanfics this year...
I'm so sorry I've disappeared off the face of the Internet for ages and only warned you about three weeks of the absence (because of Japan). But all I can say is... exammmmmmmmsssss, and I haven't even started them yet. DX I've just been slaughtered by trials, and tests and what not. I will put up some pictures soon but I'm so busy... Arrghhhh... But yeh. I'm alive.

I should out up some sketches or something now... :/


I like trees!!
I love Final fantasy Crystal Chronicles!!!!
And Pokemon!!!!
And Pandora Hearts!!!
And Vocaloids!!!!
And Artemis Fowl!!!
And Birdy the Mighty!!!
And Avatar: Last Airbender!!
And Warriors (the book)!!!
And Wolves!!!!
And Soul Eater!!!
And Harry Potter!! (... I almost forgot... *dies*)
And errr.. I'll think of something else later..
Oh yeah!! I like trees!!

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